Medicine Shoppe on Fort

We wish you a warm welcome to our Victoria Medicine Shoppe!

At our Pharmacy, you won't be treated as just another number. Instead, you will be welcomed and valued by our fantastic staff members who will take the time to get to know you in person.

These days many pharmacies are too stocked with convenience products, that they’ve forgotten their true role: to not just dispense medication, but to be a community resource for health products and health advice.

Our team succeeded in retaining a passion for listening, helping and supporting our patients. We understand that living our hectic lifestyles may lead to specific health issues related to today’s world. It takes a well-informed, empathetic staff to understand what your health concerns are and what your needs require. We are here to support you to get yourself back in balance with a naturally integrated approach to well-being. From custom bio-identical compounded hormones to natural health supplementation, our well-trained staff will help you regain control and rediscover your balance.

As an integrative pharmacy, The Medicine Shoppe on Fort Street also offers a wide array of complementary medicine solutions to our patients, including nutritional supplements, customized vitamins, herbal medicine and homeopathy. We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our patients, thus all complementary medicine solutions are available to our patients at competitive prices. We welcome and encourage questions from other health professionals regarding the interactions and contraindications between conventional and complementary medicine, as well as any questions regarding compounded medications. Our pharmacy offers counseling support to all of its patients, and our compounding pharmacists will work closely with physicians to ensure that all the patients’ needs are met.